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Karissa + Brad ~ married

Does anyone besides me know the country song “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful”? I have fond memories of that song…I remember it was the first country song I can recall ever hearing and I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard it. I was sitting in the car with my dad waiting for one of my brother’s baseball games to start. I don’t know why that vivid memory stuck with me or why I liked the song so much, but now I think it should definitely be Karissa’s theme song.

Seriously stunning!

Brad, you’re not too shabby yourself 🙂

I see beautiful babies in their future!Grandpa was killing me! He interrupted family photos to show off his handmade tie 🙂Karissa & Brad were so laid back & easy to work with. Despite the heat, despite that we almost got kicked off the grounds we had specific permission to be on for photos, and despite that Karissa almost forgot the rings for the ceremony, everything worked out beautifully. I had a great time hanging out with you guys and wish you nothing but wedded bliss for many years to come!

Hair: Christy Lack – Avalon Salon

Makeup: Tamra Berry – Tamra Berry Studio

Flowers: Julie Burkhardt – Floral Designs

Venue: Moonlite Gardens @ Coney Island

And special thanks to Andrea @ Coily Photos for shooting with me!

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