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How well do you know yourself?

Inspired by a new friend & fellow blogger (this is reverb), I decided to take the short version of the Myers-Briggs personality test. Last November a group of us took the StrengthsFinder 2.0 test during a church leadership retreat and I was very interested to see how the results compared.

I’m sure most of you are have heard of and are aware of the Myers-Briggs test because it is probably the most well-known and respected test available. StrengthsFinder takes a slightly different approach and is quickly gaining popularity. The basic premise of StrengthsFinder is to realize your strengths and concentrate on those rather devoting too much time on improving your weaknesses. Tom Rath (the author) believes a person will be much happier and more fulfilled when he/she is living out their strengths rather than constantly fighting the uphill battle to improve weaknesses that he believes are ingrained during childhood and will more than likely remain weaknesses throughout our entire lives.

Tom Rath’s goal in concentrating on our strengths is not meant to give us an excuse to give up on our weaknesses, it is meant to give us a strategy for managing them. Also, the whole point in taking the test is to discover and distinguish between strengths & weaknesses. Once you know what they are, you have a better understanding of yourself and will hopefully be able to figure out ways to work with your weaknesses (i.e. teaming up with someone who is good at something you’re not, etc.).

All in all, I think both tests compliment one another and are a pretty accurate representation of who I am. I encourage everyone to take some time to discover, in your own way, who you really are if you haven’t already. I know for me it has been incredibly eye-opening and has given me a better understanding of why I think the way I do and why I do the things I do, etc. Obviously neither test (or any test really) is a COMPLETELY accurate representation of who you are, but sometimes they can help you better understand yourself. Plus, I just think they’re fun!

The short version of Myers-Briggs can be found HERE. Unfortunately, you have to purchase the StrengthsFinder book new in order to get the code to take the test, but you can find it all over for only about $10.

So, without further ado, here are my results:


These are my top 5 strengths (in order) and the book’s explanation of the strengths.

1. Responsibility – I am emotionally bound to follow through with anything (large or small) I commit to

2. Includer – I want to include people and make them feel part of the group

3. Belief – I have certain values that are enduring – these values cause me to be family-oriented, altruistic, spiritual, & ethical

4. Achiever – every day starts at zero and I have to achieve something tangible to feel good about myself

5. Input – I am inquisitive & have a busy mind


ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging) and my personality makes up about 10% of the population. From this test I learned:

-My primary mode of living is focused externally…I tend to deal with things according to how I feel about them

-I am a people person, I value friendships & true relationships, I tend to be able to easily empathize with people, I can usually see the good in just about anyone (this is also listed as somewhat of a weakness because ESFJ’s sometimes have a hard time accepting a difficult truth about someone they care about)

-I am responsible, dependable, committed

-I am service-oriented

-I am energetic/driven/self-sacrificing (sometimes to a fault)

-I am sensitive and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve

-I have a strong sense of what is right & wrong

-I tend to control environments around me/I am stubborn

-I act on emotion and can be irrational, naive, & vulnerable

-I do not see situations in black & white, but rather every color of the rainbow

-I am impulsive

-I cannot stand conflict or criticism, nor am I the best at conflict resolution

And just because a photography blog post is not complete without pictures, here is a shot I got while taking Corey’s senior pictures. We were walking to a bridge and I looked over my shoulder and spotted this graffiti on a dumpster. I couldn’t resist!

August 21, 2008 - 4:42 am

Donny - Ya –> what she said.

August 20, 2008 - 8:17 pm

Jen Emerson - Not only do I appreciate your openness, but I am amazed with these images you capture. (By “these” I’m particularly referring to the one above, in addition to the ones you displayed at your Abode show.)

At first I think, “Kelly must be super cool and hang out in all these super cool placed that I am too uncool to go.” (While I know this is partially true — you ARE much cooler than I am!! — I think there’s much more to this story…)

I realize (perhaps through some inspired quick self-discovery while reading your blog post) that you see and perceive the world much differently than I do. And that you can take things that I may have initially failed to see beauty in, and turn them into something wonderful, creative, amazing, inspiring (fill in your adjective here). I have to admire that in a person.

I think it is great that you have this ability, and even greater that your passion allows you to capture those moments so that people like me — stuck in the confines of rigidity — are challenged to look for beauty and good in the ordinary every day.

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