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Liz & Joey’s Senior Session

Liz & Joey are just so cute! They are twins and come from a large family – of 7 – and let me tell you that each each person in their family has their own unique personality! Joey & Liz, ironic as it might seem considering they are twins, are probably the most opposite! Joey is smart, sweet, soft-spoken, and responsible whereas Liz is always the life of the party, outgoing, fun, and isn’t afraid to test the boundaries (hopefully she won’t kill me for writing that – haha!). I think the only thing they actually have in common is their passion for dancing & singing. Aside from their different personalities, though, the twins really do get along great.

Their family owns a house down on Norris Lake where they spend most of their Summer boating, wake boarding, skiing, tubing – you name it, they’re into it! We were able to squeeze their senior session in when they came back to town for a few days. Joey & Liz were extremely laid back and easy to work with – not to mention photogenic! I also need to add popular to that list because we ran into one of their friends at every place we stopped to take pictures!

Joey & Liz ~ Even though we were all sweating to death by the end, I had a great time hanging out with you guys and taking your pictures! Thanks for being so easy-going & fun 🙂

September 29, 2008 - 2:39 pm

jessica - hey kelly, it’s jessica, nathan b’s sister. i stumbled upon your blog when i saw it on jess z’ site (you do AMAZING work btw!!!), and i’d like to announce that i officially feel old. very old. you see, i used to babysit these two and the rest of their siblings (and their cousins). and now, look how grown up they are!!! you guys are crazy ADORABLE!!!! wow. time flies. joey and elizabeth, if you read this, tell your parents and your whole family (including Christy/Chuck and Kroth family) i said hello! 🙂

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