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Cindy + Chris ~ married

Beware…this is a long post! Last Saturday Donny and I headed out to Indiana to photograph Cindy & Chris’ wedding. (Just as a side note – this wedding was extra special to me because Cindy was the first bride to book us for her wedding after Daphne Photo Studio officially opened for business). Cindy and I used to work together at a local non-profit company that provides support for individuals with special needs, so that’s how I got to know her. I obviously no longer work for that company (Cindy still does), but it has been great to keep in touch over the past year as her wedding plans developed.

I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun photographing a wedding as I did at Cindy’s. Her wedding was unlike any other wedding I’ve ever photographed or attended, which was great! Cindy & Chris’ personalities shined through everything from the hay stack pews to the bride’s Harley socks and made for such a great, memorable day.

The wedding took place in the lawn outside of the bride & groom’s farmhouse. The location was very meaningful to Cindy because she has lived on that property her entire life. Her family owned hundreds of acres and she grew up farming the land she lives on today. In more recent years, though, the area has been built up quite a bit and they now have many neighbors. Cindy & Chris still have plenty of land to themselves, though, and they worked very hard getting everything in shape for their special day. And I must say they did a great job! The setting was absolutely beautiful, and it turned out to be a bright, sunny day.

Cindy made her grand entrance via a horse drawn carriage provided by her father (which I thought was one of the coolest parts of the whole day). Her father lives in a log cabin a few acres behind her farmhouse and it was so cool watching them emerge from the woods in the carriage. You could tell Cindy and her father cherished those few minutes they had together so much. Following the ceremony was the next best part of the day…

The 7 mile poker run to the bar in town! Yes, I said poker run as in men & women on their shiny Harley Davidson’s traveling in a pack over a predesignated route (no cards were drawn though). Cindy & Chris led the way in their Jeep (since Cindy’s Harley was stolen) and Donny and I hung out the back seat of the Jeep and took pictures of the 20+ Harley’s that followed us to the bar. Hamster (their minister) and Gary (Cindy’s man of honor) led the pack. I cannot even tell you how fun that was! Once at the bar, Cindy & Chris had a chance to relax and hang out with their close friends before heading to the reception.

Once we returned from the bar, Cindy’s dad was waiting in his John Deer to take us all on a hay ride to the reception down the street. I don’t think you can get much more country than a John Deer and hay! All of the hard work, planning, and personalization Cindy put into her wedding surely paid off. She definitely showed all of us “city folk” who were there a great time in the country!

Cindy & Chris ~ As I said before….I loved being a part of your wedding and had an absolute blast! We wish you all the best! p.s. – when you get another Harley, we’ll have to go riding together…that is, if you won’t be ashamed of our Honda-Davidson 🙂

June 26, 2008 - 5:56 pm

Vikki Reece (Former LADD employee - unable to attend wedding) - Kelly –

Congratulations on these outstanding photos and I just love your story of Chris & Cindy’s wedding. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but you made me feel like I was right in the middle of all the celebration and rumble.

Great job,
Vikki Reece

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