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You may have heard of the 101 in 1001 challenge…to complete 101 preset tasks in period of 1001 days (2.75 years). I decided to make my own list of 101 personal goals and dreams, however my list is not limited to 1001 days – that’s way too much pressure! I know some of these may not happen, and I am also sure this list will change a lot as the years go by. So, here’s my list (in no particular order) of what I hope to do throughout my lifetime:

1. take a photo in every country
2. do whatever it takes to help my little brother Jake live a happy & fulfilling life
3. travel to China with Weina
4. adopt a child
5. travel Europe for a few months
6. share the beauty of the national parks I’ve been to with Donny
7. buy a polaroid or two before it’s too late…completed August 2008 (See HERE)
8. have my own gallery show
9. read the entire Bible
10. own a piano and become a much better piano player
11. learn to play the piano by ear
12. convince Donny to go skydiving with me
13. live debt-free by Dave Ramsay’s standards (mortgage and all!)
14. own a photography studio (hopefully with huge windows & exposed brick walls)
15. learn to love exercising
16. learn to love cooking & cook more often
17. make photography & art-related ventures my only job
18. have photos published
19. have a wedding photo published
20. get another tattoo…completed July 2008 (See HERE)
21. learn how to relax
22. turn my photography business into a ministry
23. own a medium format camera
24. convince my cousins in Texas to move to Cincinnati
25. become fluent in ASL (American Sign Language)
26. publish a book of my photos
27. travel to every state in the US
28. shoot a “Trash the Dress” session…completed 9/28/08 (See HERE)
29. be a mom
30. provide for my family so my kids can grow up as happy as I did
31. play piano in a worship band
32. own a pug…completed 6/8/08 (See HERE)
33. meet Donny’s extended family
34. learn to let God have control of my life
35. go on a mission trip out of the country with Donny
36. take at least 1 creative picture every day
37. live to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary (that means I have to live to be 83)
38. somehow always be involved in helping people with disabilities
39. not be addicted to caffeine
40. meet Jackie Chan
41. learn to sew (more than just the basics that I know now)
42. read more books
43. convince Donny that independent films are not all bad
44. take Donny to NYC
45. visit Kim in Chicago AT LEAST 2 times a year as long as she lives there
46. visit friends & family in Texas AT LEAST once a year
47. design & build a “GREEN” house
48. teach art to people with disabilities
49. try my hand at commercial/product photography
50. do a photo shoot with Bon Jovi
51. learn to love landscaping
52. grow my own produce
53. go to a Super Bowl game
54. photograph for another documentary film
55. teach college-level photography
56. build my own darkroom
57. go parasailing…completed August 2008 (See HERE)
58. find out my blood type
59. memorize Donny’s SS#
60. learn how to say no
61. complete mirror mural project that I’ve been thinking about for years
62. find a mentor
63. go scuba-diving
64. shoot a celebrity wedding
65. document my life via photos & journaling
66. volunteer somewhere other than church on a regular basis
67. take a yoga class
68. blog every day for a month
69. participate in a traveling photography exhibit
70. have a photo in a museum
71. eat 5 fruits & veggies every day
72. learn more about investing & invest more money
73. go on a real vacation (not just weekend trips) every year
74. stop buying things I don’t need
75. set up a recycling system in my home
76. keep up with business bills/receipts once a week
77. back up all old personal photos onto DVDs
78. get a safe deposit box at the bank
79. wear short sleeves in air conditioning without freezing
80. spend time with God every day
81. get in good shape
82. create and sell my own Photoshop actions
83. do something nice for someone I don’t know every week
84. do the DSAGC Buddy Walk
85. get better about keeping in touch with distant friends & family
86. save up enough money to buy Donny the motorcycle of his dreams
87. do some kind of mission work (whether in town or not) every year
88. learn about trees & flowers enough to identify lots of them
89. incorporate more organic food into my daily meals
90. learn to love green beans
91. have blog readers from all over the world…completed August 2008 (See HERE)
92. organize my iTunes library
93. organize personal photos
94. take more personal photos
95. figure out why my ReadyMade subscription hasn’t come yet
96. make time for more DIY projects
97. learn to be as resourceful/handy/creative as my parents
98. learn to prioritize living life & quality time over my “TO DO” list
99. hang out with my siblings more often
100. keep up with politics
101. read about something going on in another country every day

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